Funeral Planning Worksheet

When planning a funeral, it is important to know how to put together a funeral planning worksheet. Funeral planning involves documenting all the details of your loved one’s funeral service. Details such as the time of the service, who to send flowers to, where to hold the service, the clergy or officiant to preside over the service, the funeral flowers to be ordered and the hearse to be used. Also, the funeral planning checklist will need items such as the guestbook, guest books, and the program or obituary. In addition to these details, the worksheet will need information about the funeral itself, including any funeral arrangements (showing photos from the funeral photos to provide to the surviving family members, etc.)

Funeral Planning Worksheet - Funeral Service Pre Planning Guide Worksheet
Funeral Planning Worksheet – Funeral Service Pre Planning Guide Worksheet

The Free Funeral Planning Worksheet can be used as an outline for planning the service. It provides a list of items that are required in each category, and it then breaks them down into separate categories. One great example of this is found in the funeral insurance category. Each insurance type is divided into three main categories: vehicle insurance, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance. In this example, you would type in the word “cash”, then followed by “workers compensation” to get the types of compensation for the employee that would be paid out if killed on the job.

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Funeral Planning Checklist

Another great example is that of the wishes for the funeral services. As with the inventory forms, this is broken down into separate categories. For example, all the applicable church funds can be typed in under the funds category. Any other wishes can be typed in under the category of “wish list”. You can then organize the two hours ago funeral planning checklist as you wish.

Funeral Planning Worksheet - Funeral Services Cremation Funeral Planning
Funeral Planning Worksheet – Funeral Services Cremation Funeral Planning

When it comes to the actual funeral planning checklist itself, you’ll find some things the same as the inventory forms found earlier on. First, the deceased will be listed in chronological order with time allotted per category. The second category is the memorial details. This will include any funeral details such as flowers, obituary, etc. under the memorial section. Under the funeral basics section you can sort the different types of services, etc.

If you’d like to have more flexibility with your funeral services and planning, then you may want to use the funeral program template. This will allow you to add extra photos, music, prayers, etc. from additional categories that you select. Just choose a category, then go to the template’s home page and click the download button.

Last, if you’d like to have the freedom to choose how the entire service runs, then you should consider using the funeral planning checklist as well. Just select a sub category, and you can select whichever way you want to run the service. The sub categories are sortable by entering your own text. You can change the order or the genre of music just by changing which category you’re in. Select a prayer and then run the service how you want it to.

Funeral Planning Worksheet - Funeral-liturgy-planning-sheet Saint Mary Church Funeral Planning Worksheet - Booklet 2 Planning Ahead. Funeral and Memorial Services - Pdf Free ... Funeral Planning Worksheet - Funeral Planning Funeral Planning Worksheet - Messiah Funeral Pre-planning Worksheet - Pdf Free Download Funeral Planning Worksheet It's Your Funeral!: Plan The Celebration Of A Lifetime Funeral Planning Worksheet Funeral Planning Checklist Funeral Pre Planning Checklist

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