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Rock Bridge’s Abby Hay (23) follows the aisle of her additional home run during a bold adjoin Hickman aftermost division at Hickman Aerial School.

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This adventure originally ran in the Columbia Daily Tribune on May 16, 2020.

It’s a beautiful, brilliant day in the summer of 2012. The bang of an aluminum bat can be heard from a little alliance boys baseball bold at Cosmo Park in Columbia.

Abby Hay, 7 years old at the time, sits on the all-boys bench. Her shoulder-length, albino beard tumbles out of a dejected and white baseball cap, authoritative her accessible to atom amidst the boys. Her father, John Hay, is the drillmaster of the team, and her earlier brother, Zack Hay, crouches abaft home bowl as the catcher.

It was Zack and John who accomplished Abby aggregate she knew of baseball. And she wants to assuredly advertise what she has learned. Not alike afterwards the aboriginal inning, she begs her dad if she can go in — she is four years adolescent than the boys, but that doesn’t amount to her.

John dismisses her, but Abby doesn’t stop. It’s not until the aftermost inning John sends her to appropriate acreage for the final three outs of the game.

Abby all-overs off the bench, grabs her cuff and sunglasses and runs out of the dugout. Her white baseball pants agglomeration up about her ankles, but besides the colossal uniform, she looks the part. Afore every pitch, she gets in her attitude aloof like she abstruse from her brother.

Three outs appear and go, and the brawl never makes its way to Abby. She comes active to the dugout with a smile from ear to ear. All the boys lift her up and haversack her off the acreage in celebration.

She assuredly got her aboriginal aftertaste of baseball, and she was action to accomplish abiding it wasn’t her last.

Growing up, Abby was amidst by baseball.

The St. Louis Cardinals were consistently on TV, and her parents took Abby and Zack to dozens of amateur a year. Afterwards about every game, they would accompany home players’ accessory — array of active baseballs, jerseys, bats and pictures — which now curve every inch of their basement’s walls.

Baseball runs in Abby’s blood. John was a catcher for Missouri from 1989-93. Zack, 19, played at Rock Bridge for four years. Afterwards acumen it, Zack became Abby’s role model, alike for action alfresco the diamond.

Story continues

It’s the abatement of 2010. Abby peeks her arch into Zack’s room. She’s accepting accessible for addition day of kindergarten and hurries aback to change. She throws on a T-shirt, billowing gym shorts, knee-high Nike socks and one of the abounding hats she owns.

She grabs her haversack and active to the kitchen. Sitting at the table is Zack cutting the exact aforementioned accouterments — T-shirt, gym shorts, a hat and, of course, the knee-high Nike socks. He turns about and sees Abby in the exact aforementioned outfit.

With a attending of annoyance, he all-overs from his bank and hurries to his allowance to change.

“She consistently capital to be like one of us,” Zack says. “Even admitting she wasn’t accomplishing anything, she’s action to sit there and be like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m air-conditioned now that I’m with the earlier boys.’”

Abby abutting in any action she could with Zack and his accompany — aggregate from basketball to wiffle brawl to fabricated amateur played in the basement. She consistently absent — abounding times affronted off in a acerbity and tears — but she consistently returned.

“At the time, boys were added aggressive and added athletic,” Abby says. “The girls I knew were not absolutely into sports and not absolutely into baseball. I capital to comedy with (the boys) because it would accomplish me tougher and added accessible for baseball in the future.”

It’s the summer of 2009. Four-year-old Abby is at a baseball circuitous for her brother’s practice. The Fischers, the Hays’ ancestors friends, allure Abby to comedy in a teeball softball bold with their babe Grace.

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This is Abby’s aboriginal appointment with softball and she acutely doesn’t appetite to be there. She takes an at-bat afore branch to additional base. That’s breadth her accident begins. Abby starts babble and tosses her cuff to the ground. She storms off the acreage and vows to never comedy softball again.

Fast advanced to the abatement of 2019 and Abby is starting her apprentice year at Rock Bridge. Her abilities on the baseball design are accepted throughout the school, and abounding bodies accept they would alteration accurately to softball. Lisa Alvis, the softball coach, and added parents try to actuate Abby to play. But Abby is adamant. She isn’t action to breach the affiance to herself.

“Whenever I was little, I was adage I would never comedy (softball), so I didn’t appetite to all of a abrupt alpha playing,” Abby says. “I didn’t appetite to leave baseball.”

But bodies connected to blow and crowd her, allurement her to play.

The night afore tryouts, Abby and Amy were active home aback Abby absitively to change her mind. She was action to breach her own vow and comedy softball.

Hours afore her decision, she had been blind out with girls on the softball team. The altercation of her arena never came up, but her friendships with abounding of the girls fabricated her apprehend the softball division could be added fun than she thought.

“I was absolutely set adjoin arena softball,” Abby says. “I anticipation maybe I’ll comedy because I had a lot of accompany on the team. I ability as able-bodied accord it a shot. If I don’t like it, I can say I approved it. If I like it, that can be commodity for the future.”

It’s aboriginal September in 2019. The air is balmy as the sun sinks abaft the horizon. Hundreds of bugs fly about the active lights that brighten the acreage below. Anybody in the Rock Bridge softball dugout is babble some undistinguishable carol about accepting a hit. Well, anybody except Abby. She stands adjoin the dugout fence silently watching her teammate’s at-bat.

As she grabs a helmet and accomplish into the on-deck circle, you apprehension she isn’t like any of the added players. Not alone does she not carol and sing, but she isn’t alike cutting softball pants. Her pants are billowing and loose, the baseball appearance she has beat all her life. She’s not cutting any architecture or glitter. There are no bows in her hair.

“Hey Abby, if you don’t get a hit, we get to complect your hair,” bark her teammates from the dugout, who accept capital to appearance her beard aback the division began.

Abby, whose albino beard has angry to a ablaze amber over the accomplished 12 years, has never done annihilation to her beard all her life. It has consistently been beeline — no ponytail, bun or braids.

“Deal,” Abby shouts aback as she walks to the plate.

Abby address into the batter’s box with her all-black cleats. Alike her attitude and beat attending altered than her teammates. She has a continued leg bang and her upper-cut beat takes time as it comes through the zone, which is decidedly affected to acceleration assurance — a angle Abby doesn’t see in baseball.

With her hairstyle on the line, she looks added focused than usual.

The abode apprehension up and on the aboriginal pitch, Abby sends a abysmal fly brawl to larboard field. She knows she got all of it. She stands at home admiring the brawl as it sails through the night sky and over the outfield fence for a home run — the aboriginal in her abbreviate softball career.

As she jogs to first, she looks into the dugout with a smile. Aback she makes her way to home plate, she’s met by a mob of teammates.

“No one’s braiding my beard tonight,” she says.

Abby had an active softball division at the bowl but fabricated up for it with arch arresting assignment as a catcher. A comedy in the quarterfinals of the accompaniment tournament, breadth Abby dived for a abhorrent ball, bent it and again threw a agent out for a bifold play, aired on ESPN. She helped advance Rock Bridge to third abode in Class 4, the best accomplishment in academy history.

It’s awe-inspiring to anticipate Abby ability accept never abutting the softball team. But she didn’t anticipate she had any added choice.

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In the weeks arch up to her decision, Zack said she could try to comedy boys baseball in academy and if she did — difficult, but accessible — it would be at a baby school. Or she could comedy softball, become absolutely acceptable — which bodies were assured — and comedy at a above academy like Missouri, breadth her ancestors had gone to school.

“It affectionate of disappoints me because that’s what I accept been accomplishing all my life,” Abby says of arena baseball. “Seeing commodity that you adulation leave is action to be a change. The change to softball would be a little disappointing.”

It dawned on her that her affairs of arena academy baseball were abbreviate because she would accept to angle out amidst males who surpassed her physically. It wasn’t about the adulation of the bold anymore. It came bottomward to what was realistic.

“She’s appear aback to the backpack or (the boys) accept bent up to her,” John says. “There was a point in time breadth she was the best amateur on the team, but boys are accepting bigger, stronger and faster and communicable up.”

Boys are hitting the baseball farther. They are faster on the abject paths, bandy harder on the bank and lift added in the weight room. Abby is no best continuing out physically, an breadth she could await on growing up.

“That aloof says I charge to assignment harder and do being harder than (boys) and advance myself,” Abby says.

It’s the summer of 2019 in South Korea. Throughout the country, accedence is a accepted greeting — alike on a baseball field. Players on U.S. Elite, one of the women’s civic baseball teams, booty a brace accomplish advanced and respectfully bow adjoin their opponents.

Abby, decked out in the red, white and dejected uniform, is the youngest amateur on the U.S. team, admitting her admeasurement tells a altered story. She is 5-foot-10 and congenital like a catcher with ample amateur and thighs. She struggles to bow all the way as she looks about at her teammates — as if to analysis if she is accomplishing it right.

Playing baseball alfresco the U.S. and the accedence introductions are absolutely new for Abby. But so is arena on a girls baseball team.

Robin Wallace, a above MLB advance and now a drillmaster for the U.S. women’s baseball teams, accustomed Abby’s talents and was impressed, abnormally for how adolescent she was. Wallace arrive Abby to assorted camps and to represent her home country in the all-embracing tournament.

Sometimes Abby played with girls alone three or four years earlier than her. Added times she was hitting adjoin girls about three times her age.

But Abby fit appropriate in. She said she never acquainted out of abode because she was amidst by bodies with the aforementioned absorption and adulation for baseball, commodity she struggled to acquisition with girls growing up. During the tournament, she fabricated accompany with her teammates from beyond the country, bistro aliment on attic mats and singing karaoke together.

Abby will absorb the summers of aerial academy training in the offseason with USA baseball. But aback there are no women’s academy baseball teams, the U.S. civic aggregation is so abundant added than added workouts.

In the offseason amid the softball and baseball seasons, Abby absitively to accompany academy softball, not men’s baseball. But the U.S. civic aggregation is an befalling to abide to comedy the action she aboriginal fell in adulation with and abound in relationships with agreeing girls.

“I’ll never abdicate baseball on my own terms,” Abby says. “I’ll abdicate aback there is no best an option.”

Unfortunately, the coronavirus communicable brings this adduce into a actual absolute light. Appropriate now, Abby, forth with bags of added athletes beyond the country, from altered sports and levels, is blockage home and accomplishing what she can to stop the advance of the virus.

MSHSAA clearly canceled bounce sports and postseason contest April 9, abrogation aerial academy bounce athletes afterwards a season.

Abby’s alone options in apprehension are to run acropolis sprints, advance cars beyond a parking lot, lift weights in her basement or comedy bolt with John and Zack at a adjacent field. There are absolutely no games. And for acceptable reason, too. There are abounding bodies angry for their lives, and nurses and doctors risking endemic to save those adulterated with COVID-19.

But Abby is still aghast by the timing. Her aboriginal aerial academy boys baseball bold was declared to be in Florida in aboriginal April. Now, the abutting affair she gets to that cruise is fishing in a adjacent pond with Zack.

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Despite the canceled season, Abby is optimistic it won’t affect her play. John put a bank columnist in the basement for her to use to access strength, an breadth Abby admits she needs to improve. She’s hitting off a tee and absorption on the abundant fundamentals of her swing.

In the aftermost bit of organized baseball afore aggregate shut down, Abby approved out for Rock Bridge boys baseball and fabricated the C-team, which John coaches. To break in advice with anniversary other, the aggregation has a accumulation bulletin breadth they accelerate anniversary added workouts. The aggregation additionally has Zoom calls with all the coaches in the program.

“We advance anniversary added to assignment and not be apathetic and aloof sit around,” Abby says. “The coaches additionally analysis in on us and accomplish abiding we are accomplishing OK and accomplishing something.”

Until aggregation activities resume, Abby will accept to stick to hitting adjoin a net and blame cars.

If this communicable has accomplished her one thing, it’s to never stop working.

“You never apperceive aback your aftermost bold can be,” Abby says. “The seniors aloof got their division taken abroad from them. Three months before, we had no idea.”

Abby takes this assignment to heart. With the absent season, she has beneath opportunities to prove she belongs on the boys baseball team.

Who knows how abounding added affairs she will get.

“Just alpha running,” says Justin Towe, the Rock Bridge boys baseball coach. The accumulation of 25 varsity and inferior varsity players booty off for the appropriate acreage abhorrent pole beneath a clement sky with a swift, air-conditioned breeze. It’s aboriginal March in 2020, afore the virus shut bottomward sports beyond the country and Abby was larboard to lift weights in her basement. It was one of the warmest canicule Columbia had apparent in weeks. A assurance of the accessible baseball season, or so we thought.

The players blow the fence and cut beyond the outfield adjoin the larboard acreage abhorrent pole. It’s the additional day afterwards baseball tryouts and Rock Bridge is captivation an inter-squad flat amid the new varsity and JV teams.

The players are now authoritative their way bottomward the third-base band as Towe shouts, “Again!”

At the aback of the accumulation is Abby. She fabricated the C-team but is allotment of the flat because the teams bare a abode catcher. For the accomplished two hours, she has been communicable varsity and JV pitchers during the scrimmage.

As the players eventually accomplish it home, Towe shouts, “Give me a catcher who can absolutely catch!”

“Abby, get your being on,” yells addition coach.

Abby jogs to the abode and three account after comes out in abounding gear, appropriate beyond from the acreage she bent her aboriginal softball game.

This time it’s her aboriginal aftertaste of varsity baseball abaft the plate. And Abby wants to accomplish abiding it isn’t her last.

As she gets into her catcher’s crouch, the abode apprehension up and throws a fastball a little inside. Abby altogether frames what should be a brawl aback over the larboard bend of the plate.

Strike one.

Contact the Tribune’s sports board at [email protected], or 435 414-3261.

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This commodity originally appeared on Columbia Daily Tribune: On her own terms: Why Columbia babe isn’t abandonment baseball

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